Monday, April 4, 2011

The Magic Potions

There was 2 boys and one girl. 

I am one of the boys, and the other boy has freckles.

We got a potion from an inventor, and drank it.

Then we all developed different powers.

I could turn into a dragon.

The freckled face boy had the power to turn into a snake.

The girl had purple circles as big a frisbee that came from her hands and then she would throw them to kill the bad guys.

We saw Vikings with a big cliff behind it.  I turned into a dragon, and gave my friends a ride.I flew up above the cliff, and saw the bad guy.  We fought a grown up with scratches all over his face.  We beat him!

Afterwards, we went to the white house, and had a party!  We celebrated with the whole town!  The president even joined the party.  With my powers, I made it rain my potion....and some of the people caught the potion in their glasses.  The President drank a cup of the potion, along with a few others.  So we all turned into dragons, and flew around the world together having parties. 

Then we made our own theme park like Disneyland.  We came up with a show that acted out all of the adventures that we made together.

Hope you liked my imagination.

See you tomorrow!



  1. Caden- I love this story. Where did you learn to be so creative. You have been blessed with a talent! Keep them coming :-)

  2. Looks amazing, Caden. Looking forward to reading more!