Saturday, June 30, 2012

Superhero Character

This character was made in my imagination. I have a story about how I pretended to have superpowers. This story may not make sense. I make superpowers. I was the first superhero ever invented, but I had a master. It was a book I made about magic. I was finding out what magic powers I could make with the book. My master read the book, and learned about more powers. He taught me everything he knew. Then my first adventure started. This imagination started about 4 years ago. the end

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Show

I am in a disguise. 
I have a hat & mustache.
I am guarding a door.
Now I am inside. I change out of the the disguise, and climb into my machines.
There are 3 different layers (think Iron Man). 
One blue, one gray, & one red.
I now am on stage to perform in a show.
"Hello, Everybody! I need 3 volunteers."
Each volunteer got a light saber (pretend...not real one!)
One person got 2 light sabers, and fought against the other with only one light saber.
The 2 light saber guy was the bad, and the other one was the good guy.
All the 'Fetchers' from Ruff Ruffman show up on stage. 
They were all sent on secret missions. 
I am now wearing glasses that have a camera on them.  I use them for security camera, and am able to watch things.

See you tomorrow!


Monday, April 4, 2011

The Magic Potions

There was 2 boys and one girl. 

I am one of the boys, and the other boy has freckles.

We got a potion from an inventor, and drank it.

Then we all developed different powers.

I could turn into a dragon.

The freckled face boy had the power to turn into a snake.

The girl had purple circles as big a frisbee that came from her hands and then she would throw them to kill the bad guys.

We saw Vikings with a big cliff behind it.  I turned into a dragon, and gave my friends a ride.I flew up above the cliff, and saw the bad guy.  We fought a grown up with scratches all over his face.  We beat him!

Afterwards, we went to the white house, and had a party!  We celebrated with the whole town!  The president even joined the party.  With my powers, I made it rain my potion....and some of the people caught the potion in their glasses.  The President drank a cup of the potion, along with a few others.  So we all turned into dragons, and flew around the world together having parties. 

Then we made our own theme park like Disneyland.  We came up with a show that acted out all of the adventures that we made together.

Hope you liked my imagination.

See you tomorrow!